[Success] Hackintosh on Gigabyte Z370N WiFi with i5-8500

I'm new to Hackintosh. When installed it on my comp, I almost got stuck at anywhere except post-installation.

2019-10-18 / 5 min read

Swift Usage

This article is for recording the resources which I collected together about how to gracefully use swift, an language released by Apple in 2014. Hopefully this post will help you.

2020-01-03 / 3 min read

Page 365 of 365: 我的2019


2020-01-01 / 8 min read

Git Usage

Git is an awesome tool for version control. I used to some convenient GUI applications to manage git repository, and ignored how it works and how to do it by command line. So in this article I will record some useful git commands that I used in development.

2019-11-16 / 10 min read

Custom Actions of Launchbar

Launchbar is a tool aimed for quick launch. Action, one of the function of Launchbar for productivity improvement in programming way, could runs tons of types of script to implement automation.

2019-10-19 / 2 min read



2019-10-18 / 2 min read

Mac Terminal使用Shadowsocks连接网络


2019-10-18 / 2 min read

Setting A Static IP on VirtualBox for Ubuntu

Recently, I need to install a virtual machine on VirtualBox on my mac and assign it with a static ip. But I encountered several problems worthing to record it.

2019-10-18 / 2 min read

Design Pattern in Python

Design Pattern, which help improve the structure of codes and read other source code faster, is a vital skill of development.

2019-10-18 / 4 min read